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Trevor de Brauw - Uptown
Trevor Shelley de Brauw's 20 year musical career has manifested as an exploration of the vast sonic possibilities of the guitar. Best known for his work with post-rock mainstays Pelican and other projects of varying frequency and notoriety, Uptown is his debut as a solo artist.
Steve Roach - Spiral Revelation

Synth ambient pioneer Steve Roach has continued with a relentlessly prolific stream of releases since the early 80's.

Burial Ground - Burial Ground(Blu ray)
Burial Ground was one of the more silly, sleazy, yet atmospheric films of the 1980’s Italian zombie cycle.  It blended together gut munching, haphazard latex zombie masks, soft-core moments, corny/ stilted dialogue, and a distinctly gothic atmosphere.  Here we have, what I believe to be, the first ever Blu-ray transfer of the film. And I must say it’s one of the best transfers I’ve seen it sometime…literally blowing away past versions I’d seen.
Cathy’s Curse - Cathy’s Curse( Blu-ray)
Cathy’s Curse is head-scratching, bizarre, and at times nonsensical example of late 1970’s horror exploitation. It's a film that will have even the most seasoned connoisseur of so-bad-it’s-good movies, rolling their eyes in disbelief and chuckling. It truly is a film that has to be seen to be believed!
Here’s a cassette on Altar of Waste, released in a very limited edition of 10 copies. The inlay is dominated by a murky shot of a snowy forest (I think…), which is very evocative, and reflective of the sounds within. The tape has three tracks - two long, one considerably shorter - and amounts to just over an hour’s material.
Naughty/She Walks Crooked - Self Titled
This self titled C30/ digital download brings together two examples of worthy, subtle shifting & creative walled noise. The split features French female wall-noise maker Naughty, and Californian based She walks Crooked.

Latest Reviews

Trevor de Brauw - Uptown
Trevor Shelley de Brauw's 20 year musical career has manifested as an exploration of the vast sonic possibilities of the guitar. Best known for his work with...
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