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Harold Budd - Existential Beauty: A Primer
Today the lineage between mid 20th century minimalism and what passes now as ambient music is mostly obscured. But lying beneath the sedimented layers of electronic haze, lazily sequenced techno and new-age indulgence there is a history that broaches some of avant-garde art's most pressing concerns. Questions around form, the centrality of the author, of the artist's relationship with the wider environment, and even the status of art and artistic consumption itself; all of these were present in the American milieu from which Harold Budd emerged. Born in Los Angeles in 1936 Budd was brought up in the tiny town of Victorville in the Mojave Desert where the light, wide and often desolate spaces would come to exert a permanent influence on him. In the late 50s he played duets with Albert Ayler in a army marching band before taking up studies in composition at the University of Southern California.

Best Of 2016 - Best Of 2016
2016 was another great  year with many highly rewarding releases, below you’ll find lists of releases that made this year special for our writers. And in keeping with our sites remit they span a large and varied selection of different musical & sonic genres. Also on a few lists you’ll see the addition of a film list, and this is come in-line with us featuring of more film reviews on the site….and we hope this coverage will expand in 2017.
Anonymous Masturbaudioum - Stocking lined- walls

Of the recent wave of sexual fetish themed walled noise projects Swiss based Anonymous Masturbaudioum is probably the most creative, interesting, and worthy.The project has been active since 2009, but it’s only in the last year or so that it’s sound has moved from harsh noise, to a more  ‘wall’ sound. So far of the more ‘wall’ focused work the project has put around ten releases. I caught up Anto, the mind behind Anonymous Masturbaudioum- for a email interview.

Rapoon - Recursive Textural Alchemy
British experimental musician Robin Storey, the man behind the Rapoon project and former member of avant-garde sound-scape collective Zoviet France, was one of the first to pioneer a style of mesmeric ambient electronic music utilizing delays and looping techniques, sustaining fragments of sound until they became vast environments.   Storey has remained quite prolific to this day, releasing several albums of new (and rediscovered old) sounds a year.  He was kind enough to provide thoughtful, thorough and elucidating answers to my questions.
Adam Wingard - Scoring The Witch
In September 2016 horror fans where returned to Black Hills Forests & the legend of Blair Witch with Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch. As well as directing the film Mr Wingard also composed the films brooding dark ambient soundtrack, which was produced by US ambient legend Robert Rich. I caught up with Adam via an email interview - discussing how he got involved with project, his soundtrack work on this film & his other films.
Aquarius Records - The End of Aquarius Records
It’s fair to say that San Francisco based Aquarius Records was one most well known & respected experimental record shop/ mail order business’s in the world. It sadly closed its doors in June of this year, after been open for over 40 years. I  caught up  with Andee Connors- one of the owners (along with Allan Horrocks)  for an email chat about the end of Aquarius Records.

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Harold Budd - Existential Beauty:...
Today the lineage between mid 20th century minimalism and what passes now as ambient music is mostly obscured. But lying beneath the sedimented layers of ele...
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