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Chier - Walls Of The Noise Cabaret
Chier is one of the most prolific, yet creative projects to appear from with-in the European walled noise scene in quite sometime. In itís just over years existence the Toulouse based project has put out around 60 releases, and while I canít say Iíve heard them all, what I have heard has always been impressive in both itís textural inventiveness, dark mood, and often searing intensity. So I felt we must secure an interview with the project, and this was done via email. The  is interview was very much a collaborative venture between my self Roger, and Julien Skrobek- who also translated the interview between English & French( and back again), as well a coming up with his share of questions.
Darren Charles - Of Horror-Filled Synths, & Brooding Noise
For the last few years Darren Charles has been active with-in the northern English retro synth /experimental/ noise underground. Heís connected with projects such as The Dead End Street Band, and more recently Equestrian Vortex. He has also arranged quite a few local shows, bringing together experimental sounds with cult horror movies.  As well as having his own weekly on-line radio show, and contributing to the  recent & excellent book Horror Folk Revival: Field Studies. Darren kindly agreed to give M[m] a email interview.
Nash The Slash - The Sonic Dreamweaver

Nash The Slash is one of the more unusual, creative, and distinctive artists to appear from within the Canadian music scene in the last twenty or so years. The project first came into existence in the late 1970ís, with the early releases offering up a moody & often horror themed instrumental blend of synth Ďní beats, and electric Violin Ďní mandolin mood scapes. In later releases he brought in elements of new wave, new age, and punk into the mix, and the project went onto to release 11 full lengths & Epís. Behind the project was one James Jeffrey "Jeff" Plewman, and as the Nash The Slash persona he always wore a trademark disguise which entailed coving his face in bandages wearing sunglasses and a top hat.  Sadly in 2014 he passed away at the age of 66. Recently Artofact have started reissuing Nash The Stash back catalogue, starting with his debut album Nightmare & Dreamscapes. And I caught-up with his business partner for an email interview.

Naughty - Static Femininity

Naughty is one of the few female fronted walled noise projects, and  behind it is Paris based Charlotte Skrobek. Since the project was launched in 2015 it has fast become one of the more popular Wall acts on the scene. Though Naughty is a relatively new venture Charlotte has been involved  with more than a few walled noise & noise projects  of the last few years. Most notable of these is Absurde with her husband Julien, as well as solo projects(The Girl with a Stanley Knife, Sleep Paralysis and Flux Nocturne) and  a few other collaborations: Flesh Clocks(with Julien) and  Cuttings ( with Clive Henry). Charlotte kindly agreed to give M[m] a email interview

Signora Ward Records - Nylon Walled-Noise
Signora Ward Records is an Italian tape label that focus in on very specific types of noise & themes, and those are HNW & Feet and Legs/ Nylon Stockings fetish. The label was stared in 2014, and has quickly become a very popular name with-in the Ďwallí & extreme sonic scenes, with releases selling out with-in days of release. I tracked down the man behind the label, Dwight Holly for an email interview.
23 Treads - Strange Pathways Into Neo-folk
23 treads are a Polish three piece now relocated in New York City. They summon-up a macabre, at times wonky & darkly psychedelic blend of neo folk, which is often repetitive & sonically locked down, with wordy female spoken word vocals on top.   In 2015 they released their first album in  15 years-Conspicuous Unobstructed Path, and this turned out to be one of my surprise highlights of the year with  was its  edgy, stark & often experimental edged take on the  neo-folk genre. So I decided to track down the band for a email interview, and the following interview is with lead  singer Ingrid Dawn Swen, and main songwriter/ musician Marek Marchoff.

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Chier - Walls Of The Noise Cabaret
Chier is one of the most prolific, yet creative projects to appear from with-in the European walled noise scene in quite sometime. In itís just over years ex...
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