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Signora Ward Records - Nylon Walled-Noise
Signora Ward Records is an Italian tape label that focus in on very specific types of noise & themes, and those are HNW & Feet and Legs/ Nylon Stockings fetish. The label was stared in 2014, and has quickly become a very popular name with-in the ‘wall’ & extreme sonic scenes, with releases selling out with-in days of release. I tracked down the man behind the label, Dwight Holly for an email interview.
23 Treads - Strange Pathways Into Neo-folk
23 treads are a Polish three piece now relocated in New York City. They summon-up a macabre, at times wonky & darkly psychedelic blend of neo folk, which is often repetitive & sonically locked down, with wordy female spoken word vocals on top.   In 2015 they released their first album in  15 years-Conspicuous Unobstructed Path, and this turned out to be one of my surprise highlights of the year with  was its  edgy, stark & often experimental edged take on the  neo-folk genre. So I decided to track down the band for a email interview, and the following interview is with lead  singer Ingrid Dawn Swen, and main songwriter/ musician Marek Marchoff.
Joseph Szymkowiak - On A Quest To Experiment
Joseph Szymkowiak has been active in the field of experimental music for six years. His quest for unusual sounds has led him to explore a wide variety of genres, from Noisecore to Ambient, going through Free Improv and Harsh Noise Wall. This variety of interests is also well documented by the label he created : Nahàsh Atrym Productions. Joseph has kindly agreed to give an interview to Musique [Machine] and discuss the deep thoughts and feelings he attaches to his experimentations.
Morte Cammina & Needle and Knife label interview - Australian HNW Nightmare
Australian based Shaun Mack is the only  noise-maker I’m aware  of making walled noise down-under. He’s behind such projects as Morte Cammina, Girl On The Bridge, Widow Park and Bleak August. And he also set-up a great wall noise only label Needle & Knife. Shaun kindly agreed to give M[m] an email interview
Helm - Transience and its Resonance: an interview with Luke Younger of Helm
Last June, following on from 2014's much acclaimed The Hollow Organ EP, PAN records unleashed Helm's Olympic Mess. The record's heady blend of industrial derived loops and textures coupled with an uncommonly light touch has garnered much praise in the music press and earned Helm a place on the Wire's top 50 records list for the second year running. Here Helm's doom punk auteur Luke Younger catches up with Musique Machine to talk recording processes and his take on the state of the avant-garde.

Best Of 2015 - Best Of 2015
2015 has been another splendid year for many great and highly rewarding releases, below you’ll find lists of releases that made this year special for our writers. And in keeping with our sites remit they span a large and varied selection of different musical & sonic genres.

Latest Articles

Signora Ward Records - Nylon Wall...
Signora Ward Records is an Italian tape label that focus in on very specific types of noise & themes, and those are HNW & Feet and Legs/ Nylon S...
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Obscura - Akroasis
There was a time in which technical death metal was my bread and butter, and though that time has been over for a good 5 years, and the genre's heydey as wel...
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