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Black Feast - Larenuf Jubileum
Black Feast’s history is a short one: formed in 2009, the band released a handful of demos and splits before splitting up by 2012, later to reform as Witchcraft. This isn’t unusual in and of itself. Plenty of bands dissolve after just a few years without completing a full-length. But not many of these short-lived projects end up on the roster of Nuclear War Now!. Released last month on vinyl, Larenuf Jubileum compiles the band’s Worship of Darkness demo, their Abominations of Darkness split, and a few previously unreleased promo tracks.
D.S.W.A.C.V - Venus In Furs
D.S.W.A.C.V is a HNW/ doom wall project which mixes in the odd bit of ritual ambience here & there. The projects  is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and it  started in late 2012- & so far put out around  20 plus releases which take in CDR’s, splits & digital releases. Venus In Furs appeared in late June 2015, and came in edition of twenty five copies-  these came in two different editions: a c90 & mini CDR, and just a C90- I’m reviewing just the C90.The release is themed around 1870 S&M/ female dominance novella of the same name- which went onto influence a certain Velvet Underground, and euro sleaze director Jess Franco for his 1969 film of the same name
Architects Office - Soundtracks
Here’s another archival release from Monochrome Vision, collecting previously unreleased (and already released) tracks from Architects Office’s history. Architects Office, according to the liner notes, were an ‘electro-acoustical intuitive aleatoric music-making performance & project group’; who operated around the US during the 1980s, and into the early ‘90s - being best known for their work with the experimental filmmaker, Stan Brakhage. Their membership was fluid and changing, but centralised around the one consistent member: Joel Haertling. ‘Soundtracks’ gathers up ten tracks, with durations varying from two minutes to nearly fourteen; but they’re all pretty much cut from the same cloth.
Shroud Of Vapour - Suicide Forest Sessions
Shroud Of Vapour is a five piece collaborative project that brings together it’s members from the Japanese noise scene, for a moody, mostly subdued, and often chilling two track release on respected, up- &-coming Singapore based noise/ experimental label 4iB Records. This is the projects first release.
Rapoon - Seeds in the Tide Volume 03
Zoviet France veteran Robin Storey has been spent much of the last 20 years focused on a form of organic/primitivist tribal ambient with his Rapoon project, releasing countless albums.  This double CD, "Seeds in the Tide Volume 03", is subtitled 'Keepsakes and Oddities from 2003-2004', and contains songs previously available only on rare compilations.  I haven't heard the first 2 volumes in the series, although I'm familiar with many of Storey's albums, as Rapoon and otherwise.
Undergang - Døden Læger Alle Sår
Danish death merchants Undergang are back with their third release since 2010, Døden Læger Alle Sår, Dark Descent is has released Undergang's latest just in time for their European tour with Stargazer. Proving that old school, low, heavy death is always in season, Døden Læger Alle Sår punishes the listener slowly and deliberately. For fifty-one minutes, Undergang leads the journey through the lower reaches of grime and punishment.

Latest Reviews

Black Feast - Larenuf Jubileum
Black Feast’s history is a short one: formed in 2009, the band released a handful of demos and splits before splitting up by 2012, later to reform as Witchcr...
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