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David Rothenberg - Bug Music
Here’s an intriguing release: the album notes inform us that Rothenberg has made every attempt to “play along” with insect song - playing along live in the field, playing along with recordings (raw or processed) and creating his own insect sounds artificially. He interacts using “bass clarinet, clarinet, seljefoyte and soprano saxophone”, aided and abetted by a few other hands on other instruments. The cd arrives in a playfully packaged digipak, with album notes and text for each individual track.
Lubomyr Melnyk - Windmills

Lubomyr Melnyk is a Ukranian pianist that plays a minimalist, ambient style he calls "continuous piano music", which roughly involves playing the same minor chord repeatedly, in different voices and inversions, and letting it ring for roughly one second before playing it again.  It sounds exactly like one might imagine the lonely, endlessly meandering soliloquy of a hermit who has been locked in a tower or dungeon for countless years would sound.  The album has 3 tracks, all of which bleed into each other and are roughly 20 minutes in length.

Female Harakiri - Sad Premonition
This Japanese walled noise project has had one of the more erratic release schedules of the normally super prolific HNW scene. The project has been releasing work since 2007/2008, but only putting out a hand-full of releases on various labels, and pretty much everything they've put out has been of a very high standard. And the same goes for Sad Premonition, which is sadly to be the last release from Female Harakiri.
Pastuhamovci - AZ
Pastuhamovci is a Russian based static noise/HNW project, and AZ is a CDR release that offers up eight tracks worth of  fairly varied wall-craft. The project seemingly started in 2013, and has put out around seven releases that take in digital albums, split & CDRs
Christian Vialard - Neukalm
Experimental musician Christian Vialard teamed up with musician/composer Fred Bigot for his latest project, Neukalm. This collaboration is brought to us in a 2xLP edition from Grautag. While abstract and experimental, Neukalm is grounded with rhythm, soft synth lines, and the comforting coldness of electronic instruments.
Aube - Substructural Penetration(Digital Reissue)
Iris Light presents Substructural Penetration, a digital reissue (originally released as a 2xCD in 1997) from legendary Japanese noise artist Aube. This particular collection contains rare and out-of-print recordings spanning the years 1991-1995. Aube, the moniker of Nakajima Akifumi, sadly passed away last year, but not without leaving behind a sizeable discography. Unique to the Aube experience was his insistence on sticking to a single sound source per recording. The tracks that make up this collection are culled from the early part of Aube’s career, which is much more abrasive than some his later recordings. Truth be told, of all the Japanese masters of noise, Aube is the artist I’m least familiar with. In particular, I’m a little more familiar with his later works, so it is with much interest that I delve into these earlier recordings.

Latest Reviews

David Rothenberg - Bug Music
Here’s an intriguing release: the album notes inform us that Rothenberg has made every attempt to “play along” with insect song - playing along live in the f...
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