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Last Rape - 99 Women
Along with Black Leather Jesus & Werewolf Jerusalem, Last Rape is one of the more known projects of multi project linked Texas Noise Legend Richard Ramirez. The project is known for it's often giallo & horror movie themed walled noise, and it started in 1995. On offer here is a recent release- that either comes as a C30, or a digital download- Iím reviewing the tape version.
Peter Kutin - Burmese Days
Avid readers of my reviews (its ok - Iím being facetious), will have noticed that the last few Gruenrekorder releases Iíve written on, have received fairly short shrift from me. Iím pleased to announce an end to this run, with Peter Kutinís wonderful album, ďBurmese Daysí. It comes in a very low-key package, with minimal artwork and information - most notably, a distinct lack of Ďfield-recording textí: praise the Lord. The album has eleven tracks across two sides of vinyl.
Aural Hypnox - Underworld Transmissions III
Here we have the  third volume in the Underworld Transmissions series. Offered up here is a C20 cassette tape- it takes in two side long slices of seemingly improvised & eerier ritual ambience from the mysterious Finish based Helixes/Aural Hypnox collective.
Static Goat - I Am In Hell, Help Me
I Am In Hell, Help Me is another sonic brain scramble from this Southern California project - it mixes together wonky &  wavering electronica, slurred synth melodies, psychedelic noise, layers of weird sounds, samples, melted ad jingles, and all manner of puzzling/ deranged fare thatís fed into a often dense & twisted mass of sound.
Emmanuel Allard - Nouvelles Upanishads Du Yoga
Emmanuel Allard's "Nouvelles Upanishads Du Yoga" is an album of often abrasive digital synthesizer texture which moves about the stereo space in erratic quasi-cyclical spasms.  Described in the liner notes as 'investigations of various feedback circuits', it's comparable to the homemade synthesizer experiments of Japanese noise legend KK Null.
Orbweaver - Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon
The fun and inventive debut of Floridan death metallers, Orbweaver, has been reissued on vinyl by Corpse Flower Records. Originally released in 2013 and available on tape and CD, this reissue has been remastered by James Plotkin, and is limited to 300 colorful editions. Featuring Randy Piro (ex-Gigan & Hate Eternal) and Sally Gates (ex-Gigan), the band definitely has some scene cred. Although they haven't released anything since this debut, the band is still active and Strange Transmissions From the Neuralnomicon is still garnering a lot of praise.

Latest Reviews

Last Rape - 99 Women
Along with Black Leather Jesus & Werewolf Jerusalem, Last Rape is one of the more known projects of multi project linked Texas Noise Legend Richard Ramir...
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