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Andy Ortmann and Alex Barnett - Seasonal Attrition
Centre Tapes presents Seasonal Attrition, a collaborative effort by Andy Ortmann and Alex Barnett. For those unfamiliar, Ortmann hails from the windy city and is a long running experimental musician, perhaps best known for his work in Panicsville. Barnett, on the other hand, was a member of Oakeater and is more recently known for his collaborations with Faith Coloccia. Available as a C40, Seasonal Attrition offers 2 longform tracks that I can best describe as a playground of sonic detritus.
Pig Destroyer - Prowler in the Yard (reissue)

I remember when Pig Destroyer unleashed Prowler in the Yard onto the scene in 2001. Scott Hull's (Agoraphobic Nosebleed) newest project sounded promising. However, I hated the band name (still do! haha), so I never really checked them out. Needless to say, they put a lot of grinding fury into their Relapse debut and it made great waves in the scene. My stubbornness prevailed, and until this past week, I never checked this album out. Thankfully, this has all changed.

RRR - Body Connection
Here we have the first part of a recent trilogy of releases by this French HNW/ nasty noise/ power electronics project. Presented here for the listeners (dis)pleasure is a taut & dense slab of buzzing industrial drone craft that’s topped with a pained crust of static noise.
Peter Brotzmann - Munster Bern
I’m reviewing a download version of this album, so I have no idea what the packaging is precisely like; but the cover itself is a somber ‘BROTZMANN’ and ‘MUNSTER BERN’, in a bold typeface, black on grey: serious, weighty, and carrying the possibility of threat. Which is not an unreasonable summary of the sounds within. This is Peter Brotzmann playing solo: five tracks, amounting to just over an hour; the shortest a mere six minutes, the longest being just shy of nineteen minutes. The wonder of the internet has informed me that ‘Munster Bern’ is a cathedral in Bern, and thus the - at times - cavernous reverb that permeates the entire album. Making sound in a cathedral or church is often an unforgettable affair - these buildings were, of course, constructed to amplify the sound of worship to the heavens above - so, in the hands of a master like Brotzmann, you might expect a towering recording: and you’ll be satisfied.
Steve Roach - The Skeleton Collection (2005 - 2015)
Arizona based ambient music veteran Steve Roach released an album of classic Berlin style synthesizer music in "Skeleton Keys" earlier this year, channeling the original era of the ambient form by limiting himself to the use of classic analog gear.  This album, "The Skeleton Collection (2005 - 2015)" came a few months later, something of a post script to the original album, containing a number of similar unreleased tracks both from before and after the actual album was made.
Dead Body Collection - Highways of Tears
Highways of Tears is the latest slice of blunt, brutal & unrelenting walled noise from this high prolific Serbian based project.  It comes in the form of a C40 cassette tape on French noise label Autistic Campaign, in an edition of 50 copies.

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Centre Tapes presents Seasonal Attrition, a collaborative effort by Andy Ortmann and Alex Barnett. For those unfamiliar, Ortmann hails from the windy city an...
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