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My first impression of “These Walls Resemble Absence”, suggested it might be “dark ambient”, due to the grainy black and white cover photograph within its gatefold wallet. My initial glance at this, told my brain that it was the crumpled robes of an ancient statue, carved in stone. However, these robes were soon revealed to be simply detritus, piled against a brick wall. But that first “dark ambient” impression actually holds some weight, because, despite the lack of obvious nods to that genre, has created nothing if not a dark ambience.
Tanner Garza - Earthtones
Tanner Garza is a prolific ambient, drone & noise artist.  Actually one of his earliest releases from 2012, "Earthtones" is self-described as an "earth based drone music album".  The disclaimer skirts dangerously near cliche, stating "each track is named after a different mythological creature or spirit".  Luckily, the trite new age-ism suggested by this description is nowhere to be found in the music.
Z'ev - A Handful Of Elements
A Handful Of Elements finds this highly respected percussionist, industrial pioneer, and sound artist offering up an albums worth of slightly seared ‘n’ unsettling dark/ psycho ambience.
Glottalstop - Woodsmoke
Having taken some linguistics classes, I'm familiar with a glottal stop, but Glottalstop is a mystery. What I do know is that Woodsmoke is their/his/her debut and it comes in a very nice (although limited) edition from Tartaruga. Seeing the strange, lonely stone building on the cover gives one a clue to the vibe that Woodsmoke delivers. Creepy woods and near beehive tomb illustrations aren't just for Dungeons & Dragons books, y'know.
Morton Feldman - For Philip Guston
This 2013 four CD box set offers up a 2012 live recording of one of Morton Feldman’s most lengthy works.  For those unfamiliar with Feldman, he is one of great and most (quietly) dramatic minimalist/modern classical composers of the 20th century. His sonic out put is often slow & quiet music, that’s built around steadily evolving asymmetric patterns. He deals in angular notation as well as moving and deeply sad harmonic dwells and patterns.
Falcon (Ex- Circle) - Frontier
Falcon(Ex- Circle) is the new project from the minds behind Finish multi-genre lined locked rock groove project Circle. And with this new project(or new version of Circle?!), they focus in their  love of all things synth-laden AOR/ 80’s cheesy rock based,  into a debut album that captures the sonic vibe & spirit of the  spandex lined & day-glow tipped pop metal/ anthemic brainless AOR.

Latest Reviews - These Walls Resemble A...
My first impression of “These Walls Resemble Absence”, suggested it might be “dark ambient”, due to the grainy black and white cover photograph within its ga...
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