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Shurayuki-hime - Swankiss
Hereís another release from Lurker Bias Neon Wall series, and this time around we have two tracks from Newcastle Upon Tyne based HNW act Shurayuki-hime. The C32 release came in an edition of ten copies, and featured neon pink sleeve that takes in a  photo of a young oriental women in granny glasses.
Cory Strand - Void Immersion
Void Immersion is Cory Strandís addition to the Lurker Bias Neon Wall series, and it sees him offering-up three examples of wall-noise/drone blends.  Mr Strand should be well known to fans of  either the wall noise scene, or the experimental noise/drone underground-  for his prolific output( under his own name, or under project banners such as Lethe, Fantome De Sang, Dejection, etc). Or for his  highly respected HNW and dark ambient/drone label label Altar Of Waste, which has released around just over 400 releases in itís four year existence.
Rudolf - Brainnectar
Hereís a monstrous, pro-printed and pressed two CD set from Rudolf - the driving force behind the Schimpfluch Gruppe collective. is known - if not notorious - for visceral performances and recordings that often concern themselves with the immersing of the body and mind in unsettling situations. Whilst these often flirt with, and transgress, taboo subjects, they are nearly always delivered with an earthy humour and awareness. Thereís increasingly a sense of as occupying a shamanic territory, and Brainnectar makes that link very explicit.
Sumbru - Turn In My Grave
Sumbru is the new project from respected & prolific French wall artists Julien Skrobek, and this C40( and digital download) release is the debut release from the project. Itís also the first release on new French label Rapture Records.
Janek Schaefer - World News
REV. Laboratories presents World News, a CD EP by Janek Schaefer. Schaefer is a London-based sound and installation artist, and quite an accomplished one at that. Over the span of 20+ years, Schaefer has won multiple awards for compositions, was a Visiting Professor at Oxford Brookes Sonic Research Unit, and has a lengthy discography of albums and art installations under his belt. With such a prestigious background, I feel that I should know this artist more. So to rectify that, I immersed myself into World News
Contact - Zero Moment
Synthy space dwellers, Contact, are back with their sophomore effort, Zero Moment. Following up their regarded debut EP, First Contact, is no easy task, but, thankfully, A.E. Paterra and Paul Lawler are well seasoned and handle themselves accordingly. Although not too far sonically from their first outing, Zero Moment still shows that well played and well written songs are the bedrock for music. This may not be the album you get drunk and rope all your friends into listening to, but it's very solid. And, hey, if you have to rope your friends into anything, are they really your friends to begin with?

Latest Reviews

Shurayuki-hime - Swankiss
Hereís another release from Lurker Bias Neon Wall series, and this time around we have two tracks from Newcastle Upon Tyne based HNW act Shurayuki-hime. The&...
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