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Various Artists - Exotica Classics
This two CD set on Cherry Redís El label brings together five long out of print albums, which move through exotica, ethnic tinged easy listening fare, and exotica tinged lite jazz. The albums on offer here come from between the years 1956 & 1962, and itís fair to say the quality of the albums is a more than a little mixed-going from: bland & campy, to the enjoyable-if Ėrather-disposable-novelty, onto genreal rewarding & replay-ble work.
David Novak - Japanoise: Music at the Edge of Circulation (Book)
Japanoise: Music at the Edge of Circulation is part noise show memoir, part scholarly debate on the Japanese noise form, and part noise history lesson. The just over 300 page book attempts to tell the story of the Japanese form of noise created by the likes of Merzbow, Incapacitants & Masonna,  and itís effect on American shores. But Iím afraid to say I came away from the book both disappointed & frustrated.
Troum - Dreaming Muzak
German ambient drone masters and all around experimental wizards, Troum, need no introduction. However, their first release, Dreaming Muzak, may not be as well known as some of their other material. Originally released on cassette in 1998 (post-mainstream usage of cassette and pre-hipster embrace of it), Dreaming Muzak was re-released on a very limited (100) CDr in 2005. Zoharum is making sure that this gem finds its way to more ears by releasing Dreaming Muzak on CD and streaming/download via Bandcamp. After hearing quite a bit of Troum over the past couple of years, it's great to hear where it all began and how close to their original sound they've stayed, and at times, how far they've experimented.
Annna - Kwiat Paproci
Somnolent Shelter Records presents Kwiat Paproci, a full-length CD by Annna. I couldnít really find any information on this act other than Annna seemingly hails Poland. Annna plays some crushing harsh, hyper fast cut-up noise that eerily sounds like another Polish act I gave effusive praise earlier this year called Sleep Sessions. It makes me wonder if itís the same gent that does that project (and more recently Purgist) or if itís just the Polish waters.
I Watched You Die - Watching My Body Burn- 12 Suicides vol 4
ďWatching My Body BurnĒ offers up a brutal & low-end focused slice of walled noise, which is both intense & sonically descriptive in itís unfold. This is the fourth Volume in Altar Of wastes suicide themed series 12 Suicides, and it came in an edition of 15 copies.
{ } - Open The Faucet
{ } is a recent addition to the world wide HNW scene , and like a few artists with-in this scene, there is much mystery behind it- so itís location, origin & personal make-up are all unknown. Open The Faucet is the projects first release, and it comes in the form of a C30 tape- that features two side long tracks. The project brands itís take on walled noise as ĎCold Electrocution Staticí, but I think itís best to describe whatís on offer here as (mainly) fixed, dense & brutalizing HNW.

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Various Artists - Exotica Classics
This two CD set on Cherry Redís El label brings together five long out of print albums, which move through exotica, ethnic tinged easy listening fare, a...
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