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Tenebrious/Ascetic Hedonism - Split
This split release brings together two US underground acts that deal in darkly swirling & occult tinged ritual ambience, which is edged with (mostly) subtle blacked noise elements. The release comes in three different versions- a  CDR & digital download (on Occult Supremacy Productions), and a C50 tape( on Worthless Recordings)-  both the CDR & tape versions each come in a edition of 50 copies, and I’m reviewing the digital version of the release.
Automating - Somnambuli​st
This is a nicely, diy packaged release; combining a stumptown cardboard wallet with collages and transparent sheets of text. The cdr contains eighteen tracks, forming a large collage just over an hour long. One of the transparent sheets has a long introductory text, which concerns itself with sleep, memory and “psychoacoustic techniques as a form of data delivery”; and indeed, there is a dream-like atmosphere to the recordings.

Luie Luie - Touchy
Luie Luie is a buoyant, exuberant yet slightly wonky & bizarre one-man-band lounge act from the 1970’s. Touchy was he one & only full length album from 1974(though apparently he’s  released a few 45’s), and truly this is a release that has to be heard to believed!.
Ákos Garai - The Imagined River
This 3inc CDR finds Hungarian sound artist Ákos Garai creating a rather enthralling & moodily atmospheric track built around manipulated river/water recordings, &  haunting electro texturing.
Torn the Fuck Apart - Sexually Transmitted Torture
Normally, extreme metal and subtlety don't go hand in hand (save for some glorious acts like Gorguts), and Kansas City's Torn the Fuck Apart is no exception. If the name didn't tip you off, these guys are a 13 year old's dream. Well, a 13 year old that hasn't heard any other death metal before, that is. TTFA's follow up to 2012's The Dissection of Christ has the quartet moving from cliche'd Christianity hating lyrics/titles to cliche'd gore/murder/cannibalism lyrics/titles. Well, at least the band name is better than Deathchain.
Where Is This - Elegant Domesticity

Bored Bear Recordings presents Elegant Domesticity, a CD-R release by Dublin-based noise act Where is This. The moniker of Mark Ward, WIT performs a caustic blend of harsh noise flirting with HNW. A few months back I had my first brush with WIT, reviewing Ward’s split with Sleep of Ages. I enjoyed the split thoroughly, so I was thrilled to go another round with Mr. Ward.

Latest Reviews

Tenebrious/Ascetic Hedonism - Split
This split release brings together two US underground acts that deal in darkly swirling & occult tinged ritual ambience, which is edged with (mostly...
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Julien Skrobek - Artful Static
Frenchman Julien Skrobek is one of the more interesting & thought-provoking figures to appear from the European HNW scene. Firstly the sound of his many ...
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